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TORCH Holding Ford Q1 Flag Ceremony



Zhuzhou Torch Spark Plug Co., Ltd (hereafter called TORCH) held the grand Ford Q1 Flag Presentation Ceremony on April 17, 2015. STA Senior Manager of Changan Ford Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereafter called FORD) Cai Qian and her team attended the ceremony. Guests of Zhuzhou Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Zhuzhou State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission, Administrative Committee of Yunlong District and associate organizations were invited to participate. TORCH high management team and staff representative of labor union were present in the performance. Flag ceremony was hosted by Deputy General Manager, Trade Union Chairman Zhang Wei.

Auto Parts Director of Weichai Group, TORCH Chairman of board Li Guiyang made a welcome speech to FORD STA team, municipal officials as well as other distinguished guests.
TORCH parent company Weichai Power Co., Ltd, brother units, clients and suppliers sent their congratulatory telegram respectfully and congratulated TORCH on successfully obtaining certification of Ford Q1 and opening a new chapter of development.
At the ceremony, Cai Qian on behalf of FORD also expressed congratulations to Torch for this honor and great confidence in further closer cooperation with Torch.
Along with passionate melody, Cai Qian presented Q1 flag and Q1 medal to Vice Chairman of Board, General Manager Chen Guangyun.
Chen Guangyun addressed at the ceremony “Now Q1 flag is flying over TORCH. I shall express my deeply appreciation to FORD STA senior manager Cai Qian and other engineers’ patient guidance and resistant help, to industrial colleagues and partners’ sincere concern and strong support, and to all TORCH staff’s contribution. Q1 is unique to FORD. It is the strictest quality standard for its suppliers. TORCH gaining Q1 certification means that our quality has reached the standards set by Ford, and we have become FORD-approved global supplier. It is a great encourage and spur to all our staff and it is also an affirmation and repay for our effort. Every member of TORCH shall be pride but not be self-contented. This is a new starting point for us to become the world first-class automotive engine parts suppliers. I believe, with the support of FORD and the efforts of all staff, TORCH will be able to make new greater contributions to China's auto parts industry development!”
Staff representative took on oath at the ceremony “taking Q1 banner is taking a heavy responsibility. We will be strictly in accordance with Q1 requirements, adhering to enterprise spirit--- keep component force into joint force, let dream become a reality, make the impossible possible to strive to be the first-class automotive engine parts supplier!"
TORCH started cooperation with FORD from 2009. From January of 2013, it launched a series of Q1 certification job. It tried to find every opportunity to improve in quality management, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction by implementing Q1 standards. With all staff’s efforts for 11 months, Torch successfully passed verification of MMOG, MSA, and awarded Q1 passport to Ford Global.
After the ceremony, FORD STA team visited exhibition hall and laboratory.

Flag moment:

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