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TORCH Carrying out General Motor QSB


QSB (Quality Systems Basics) is the core management tool of General Motors Corporation (GM). It includes 10 tactics to improve product quality. Successful in carrying out QSB can increase profit, reduce cost, increase business opportunity and lead enterprise to world-level quality. 
In order to improve quality management level and provide more reliable products and services to customers, our company decided to set a leading team and a promoting team for implementation of QSB. 
Vice Chairman of Board, General Manager Chen Guangyun severed as supervisor of leading team. According to customers’ requirements and company plan, in the first phase 5 modules will be introduced, at the same time 5 tactic groups will be set, they are: Fast Response team, Control of nonconforming product team, Verification stations team, standardized operations team, layered process audits team. Every group is responsible for specific strategy work.
At the same time, all staff is energetically supporting QSB to try to comprehensively pass GM expert evaluation.