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National Standardization Technical Committee for Automotive Spark Technical Committee would held as scheduled in mid-2015


      August 25-27, the National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee of the spark plug at the Technical Committee 2015 Annual Meeting of the "Road vehicles - Test methods and requirements Gas spark plug" the national standard review meeting was held in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, our committee secretariat as a sub-standard unit, responsible for organizing and hosting the meeting. Members from the China Automotive Technology and Research Center, Chang'an Automobile, SAIC, FAW Haima, Dongfeng commercial, Weichai Westport, Guangxi Yuchai, Changsha Automobile Electric Institute, Hunan Province internal combustion engine quality inspection stations and dozens of other companies, research institutions technical experts attended the meeting.
       Sub-standard will be chairman, our vice chairman, general manager Chenguang Yun welcoming remarks. Organized by the sub-standard committee secretary-general, deputy general manager of Division I, chief engineer Chen Ming presided member. The Secretary-General Chen in recent years a series of sub-standard committee made work to the General Assembly summarized and reported, and the project has already begun the process of three national standard "Road Vehicles spark plug socket wrench," "Road vehicles matching spark plug Test methods "and" Road vehicles spark plug heat value classification and determination "and the need to develop technical content will be included in a detailed explanation. Committee members for sub-standard fully affirmed the work of the Secretariat, hoped that the Secretariat plans to develop standards to prepare, organize and implement as soon as possible and strive to complete the task within two years to prepare.
       The meeting focused on by the company presided over the drafting of the "Road vehicles - Test methods and requirements for gas spark plug" National standards were rigorous and detailed review of the discussions. The main drafters, our engineering technical director Dude Kui the standards were one by one in detail, members in the review of standards but also put forward specific recommendations and implementation comments. The meeting also views NGK, Nanjing Bosch raised the standard one by one to be discussed and given a strict consideration of conclusions. Finally, the meeting unanimously agreed to adopt the standards and requirements of the drafters based on the views of members reported to work to complete the order as soon as possible.